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Windows 8.1 Fresh Install Guide 2019

If you are ready to move on from Windows 7 but not ready for the beta test experience that is Windows 10 then Windows 8.1 is the perfect solution.  Windows 7 will be taken off update support in January 2020 while Windows 8.1 will be supported until January 2023!

Installing Windows 8.1 is easy but updating it in 2019 is a whole different story. To install updates you will need to download and install the following in order:

  1. KB3173424
  2. KB3172614
  3. KB3138615

After installing and doing the restarts when prompted you will be good to go!

If you are running on hardware that is “unsupported” by Windows 8.1 there is also a solution on GitHub called wufuc that can bypass the popup and allow updates to be installed.