GoDaddy supporter of anti net neutrality causes and king of useless feature up-sells is at it again.  Now they are inserting JavaScript as an OPT OUT “feature” for their clients.  This script is causing websites to be inaccessible.

More reasons to quit Facebook As noted in this article by Gizmodo Facebook has a collection of data that is kept hidden from users. This information is known to include at least all of the data in the users Facebook profile and assumed to include other data scrapped from Facebook apps on phones.

iMac 27 Displaying Static

After installing RAM into my 27″ iMac the display was only showing static.  Several trouble shooting attempts and a visit to BestBuy later I was left with the answer that my logic board was dead.   As a last resort effort though I plugged the iMac into my UPS at home and after a few […]