Social Media

After hearing Facebook constantly talk about how they are accidentally mishandling user information I have quit social media.

Quitting social media was not easy but it was very liberating and has increased my quality of life.  I highly recommend trying to quit social media even if only for a day or two the lack of constant updates makes life much better.

For more information on how bad social media is for ones health check out if you dig in far enough is books also on there for free!

iMac 27 Displaying Static

After installing RAM into my 27″ iMac the display was only showing static.  Several trouble shooting attempts and a visit to BestBuy later I was left with the answer that my logic board was dead.


As a last resort effort though I plugged the iMac into my UPS at home and after a few seconds of black screen anxiety it booted!  Turns out iMac’s are a very picky machine when it comes to power supply so be careful plugging directly into a wall or cheap surge protector!