Every Tool’s a Hammer

This book should be read by anybody interested in any creative project. It’s a good life book gives tons of advice for organization, making, and inspiration. Adam’s words really let you feel his compassion for making and life in general. Highly recommend it find it at:


USA Absentee Voting 2020

Safest way to vote: Ask for an absentee ballot 2 months in advance. If it doesn’t arrive by October 15, pick it up at your county Board of Elections (Google yours), fill it out, and return it right there — and demand validation of your signature.


Get Chrome without the Google

Google is starting to move to block adblockers from the Google Chrome Extension store.  The reason Google gives is security they believe that limiting the number of URLs an adblocker can block will increase extension security on Chrome. Whether this will prove to be true or not it means that adblockers will not work on Chrome anymore. This leaves you with two options if you want chrome get a copy of Chrome without Google’s “security” you can download the ungoogled chrome browser from below. Mozilla’s Firefox is still available as well and if you have not tried it in a while then you may be in for a surprise as it has made significant improvements in the last two years.

Read more about Google’s objections to Ublock Origin here:

Firefox Download:

UnGoogled Chrome Download:


Computers Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Fresh Install Guide 2019

If you are ready to move on from Windows 7 but not ready for the beta test experience that is Windows 10 then Windows 8.1 is the perfect solution.  Windows 7 will be taken off update support in January 2020 while Windows 8.1 will be supported until January 2023!

Installing Windows 8.1 is easy but updating it in 2019 is a whole different story. To install updates you will need to download and install the following in order:

  1. KB3173424
  2. KB3172614
  3. KB3138615

After installing and doing the restarts when prompted you will be good to go!

If you are running on hardware that is “unsupported” by Windows 8.1 there is also a solution on GitHub called wufuc that can bypass the popup and allow updates to be installed.

Bad software Computers Windows 10

Fix Windows 10 High CPU Spike from KB4512941

If you are experiencing high cpu usage after Windows 10s KB4512941 update open the command prompt in administrator mode. To do this go to the start menu find the Command Prompt it is located under Windows Systems and right click to open in administrator mode. Once it is opened enter  taskkill /f /im SearchUI.exe and then cd C:\WINDOWS\System32 and finally move %windir%\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy %windir%\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy.000

That will remove cortana from the directory and prevent it from sucking up your CPU hopefully one day Microsoft will find a fix.




GoDaddy supporter of anti net neutrality causes and king of useless feature up-sells is at it again.  Now they are inserting JavaScript as an OPT OUT “feature” for their clients.  This script is causing websites to be inaccessible.

Random Social Media

More reasons to quit Facebook

As noted in this article by Gizmodo Facebook has a collection of data that is kept hidden from users. This information is known to include at least all of the data in the users Facebook profile and assumed to include other data scrapped from Facebook apps on phones.

Social Media

Social Media

After hearing Facebook constantly talk about how they are accidentally mishandling user information I have quit social media.

Quitting social media was not easy but it was very liberating and has increased my quality of life.  I highly recommend trying to quit social media even if only for a day or two the lack of constant updates makes life much better.

For more information on how bad social media is for ones health check out if you dig in far enough is books also on there for free!

Gaming iRacing Video

iRacing Truck Race Crazy Finish

A fun race in iRacing with a pretty crazy finish.

Computers MacOS

iMac 27 Displaying Static

After installing RAM into my 27″ iMac the display was only showing static.  Several trouble shooting attempts and a visit to BestBuy later I was left with the answer that my logic board was dead.


As a last resort effort though I plugged the iMac into my UPS at home and after a few seconds of black screen anxiety it booted!  Turns out iMac’s are a very picky machine when it comes to power supply so be careful plugging directly into a wall or cheap surge protector!